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Juréia - Itatins

Brazil Travel / Ecotourism – The Juréia Itatins Ecological Station is an integral protection conservation unit of the Atlantic Rainforest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site and Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve, in the State of São Paulo. It is located 210 km southwest of the capital, close to colonial Iguape (see map).

The ecological station forms the core area of a mosaic of 6 protected areas with different management plans, an intent of the government to establish a balanced equilibrium between biological and social - cultural needs. About 120 caiçaras families and some Tupiniquim still live within the limits of the reserve.

Juréia and Itatins are indigenous names for two adjacent precambrian mountainous massifs of the coastal Serra do Mar mountain chain in the extreme north of the Lagamar Complex in the Lower Ribeira Valley (see geological evolution). They are separated from of each other by the flood plain of the Una do Prelado (or Comprido) river which is composed of dunes, lagoons, wetlands (brejos) mangroves, restingas and lowland rainforest. Their peaks, which in case of Itatins, reach 1.240 m (Morro das Três Pontas) and in case of Juréia 840 m in height, are covered by dense submontane and montane tropical rainforest.

Of particular ecotouristic interest is the estuary mouth of the Una river, the historic Imperator trail (see history), the Paraíso and Guilhermo waterfalls and the Despraiado mountain bike trail – Brazil Tours / Trekking.

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 S 24º 25’ /  W 47º 15’


 apr. 79.230 ha


 0 - 1.300 m




 Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica)

Ecosystems / Vegetation:

  Mangrove / Restinga / Tropical Rainforest

Altitudinal Zones:

  Alluvial / Lowland / Submontane / Montane