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Brazil Adventure International

Rainforest Tours / Brazil – Brazil Adventure International is a São Paulo - based tour operator specialized in responsible ecotourism and outdoor activities in the pristine ecosystems of the Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica). The protected areas of this world heritage site are characterized by a large biological and social - cultural diversity.

As a responible tour operator, we understand ecotourism as a sustainable development tool that contributes to the conservation of this hotspot by sustaining the well - being of local people. In order to asure these principles and to create positive environmental and social impacts to this biome, we focus on small-scale / low-impact ecotourism solutions.

Our eco adventure tours (hiking / trekking & mountain biking) combine physical exercises and challenging situations in natural environments with the observation and appreciaton of natural features and related cultural assets. It is our aim to create an interactive learning experience that introduces small groups of travelers to new environments and cultures, while minimizing negative environmental impacts and supporting conservation efforts.

All necessary information about the cultural and natural sights to be visited, are provided prior to travel. We are a tour operator that particularly informs our customers about the importance of conservation and sustainability and prepares them for the interaction with local cultures. We also offer guidelines on appropriate dress and behavior before departure and during the tour. By paying the park-entry fees we contribute directly to the conservation of the protected areas.

We are a tour operator that only works with bilingual tour guides who have approved a 440 h training course on specialized shools, indicated by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism (EMBRATUR) and are licensed as regional and/or ecololgical tour guides. These guides are trained to interpret the cultural and environmental settings that our clients are coming to discover. In order to benefit the local communities we additionally use local guides, sight-sensitive accomodations and food of the local communities. Our tours also provide opportunities for contributions to local NGO's such as SPVS in the state of Paraná – Brazil Travel / Mata Atlântica.

Brazil Adventure International
Rua Borges Lagoa, 690
04038 - 001 São Paulo (SP)
Tel: +55 (11) 7355 2054