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History of Brazil / Tours – Comparing the United States with Brazil, it is hard to believe, that the history of both nations started more or less at the same time. But while one country was colonized by creative and constructive pioneers, the other one, since the beginning of its history, was constantly oppressed, corrupted and exploited.

Until nowadays, this historic reality is deeply fixed in the roots of the Brazilian society and, visible, for instance, in form of corruption, economic disparity and unconditional authority thinking. On the other hand, Brazil is one of the most hospitable, tolerant, peaceful and above all, most beautiful countries on Earth – History of Brazil / Tours.

Brazil's history can be divided into:

Period Groups Economy Capital
-10.000 Prehistory Hunters & Collectors
-6.000 Sambaquis
1494   • Tordesillas-Treaty Indians
1500 History
  Pre-Colonial Brazil Portuguese Brazilwood
    • Official Discovery
    • Pero Vaz de Caminha
1532   Colonial Brazil Sugar Cane
    •  Tibiriçá / Ramalho / Sousa
    •  Captaincies / Sesmarias
1549     • Hans Staden Jesuits Salvador
African Slaves
1554     •  São Paulo
1570       •  Bandeirantes
1693 Gold
1763 Rio de Janeiro
1822   Empire Immigrants Kaffee
1850     • Abolition of Slavery
1889   Republic
1960 Brasília