Equinócio Equinoccio Tagundnachtgleiche äquinoktie

Climate / Seasons


Brazil Tours / Climate – Equinoxes are the two positions of Earth in its orbit around the Sun (seasons), where the angle between the rays of the sun and the plane of the earth's equator (declination of the Sun) is 0°.

Regardless of latitude, the horizon of an observer divides the Sun's apparent path in two equal parts. Therefore, everywhere on Earth, the Sun rises exactly in the west, sets exactly in the east and day and night have exactly 12 hours.

This constellation occurs twice a year, on 21st of March and on 23rd of September. Dependent on the hemisphere, there is a vernal (spring) and an autumnal (fall) equinox from where on days become shorter (fall) or longer (spring) until reaching their maximum / minimum lengths at the solstices – Mountain Bike Tours / Brazil.