Reserva da Biosfera do Cintruão Verde de são paulo Reserva de la Biosfera del Cinturón Verde de São Paulo / (San Pablo) são paulo grüngürtel biosphärenreservat

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São Paulo City Greenbelt

são paulo city green belt biosphere reserve
São Paulo Tours / Brazil – The São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve (Reserva da Biosfera do Cinturão Verde da Cidade de São Paulo) is an integral part of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve, in the State of São Paulo (see zoning and satellite map).

With an area of 1,6 million hectares, the reserve, which was created on June 9, 1994, encloses the largest metropolitan area in the southern hemisphere where 10% of the Brazilian population is concentrated.

Its main objectives are the protection / stabilization of the the city's water supply, climate and air quality such as establishing ecological corridors in order to preserve the elevated biological diversity of the region.

The São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve is composed of several conservation units, such as the Albert Löfgren, Jurupurá, Jaraguá, Juquery, Cantareira and Serra do Mar State Parks, the Morro Grande Natural Reserve and the Itapeti Ecological Station – Rainforest Tours / Brazil.

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