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Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil – With 15 to 20% of all life forms, Brazil's two rainforest biomes shelter the greatest biodiversity on eEarth. It is the leading of the the megadiverse countries.

According to a study published by Conservation International in 2005, Brazil's total biota is estimated at 1,4 to 2,4 million species. Until today, only a small fraction of it, between 170 to 210.000 species, are known. This contains the kingdom of plants (flora) with about 40 to 50.000 species and the kindom of animals (fauna) between 100 and 140.000 species (including 3.557 tetrapods).

The biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest is particularly rich. 9 ecosystems with up to 5 altitudinal zones house over 20.000 plants (8.000 endemic) and 2.300 tetrapods (725 endemic). It is listed among the top 5 biodiversity hotspots on Earth.

The elevated biodiversity of the Mata Atlāntica is a function of its geological history, its tropical / subtropical position, strong climate changes in the past, and significant elevations, from sea level to about 3.000 height meters. Additionally, coastal rainforests are considerably richer in terms of biodiversity than inland ones (such as the Amazon Rainforest) – Adventure Travel / Brazil.

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