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Travel to Brazil

Amazon Rainforest

Brazil Adventure Tours / Amazon – The Amazon Rainforest is one of Brazil's most popular travel & tour destinations. For those travellers who have a lot of time (and money), allowing them to spend weeks on some of the boots on the Amazon river, this biome certainly will provide a unique travel experience. For all the others, a tour in the Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica) might be an interesting alternative.

The different aspects of this fascinating ecoregion can be dividet into: area / location, geology / geomorphology, climate and soils, ecosystems / vegetation and biological diversity.

Area / Location

The Amazon rainforest occupies 5% of the worlds surface and 40% of South America. 4,2 million square kilometers (61%) cover about half of Brazil in its north region. In the south it connects to the Cerrado and Pantanal biome.

Geology / Geomorphology

The geology of the Amazon region is pretty diversified, involving both phanerozoic sedimentary rocks of the Amazon Basin and igneous precambrian rocks of the Amazon Craton. Its relief is composed of ondulated plateaus with elevations up to 300 m (40% of the area) such as plains and depressions (60%).

Climate / Soils

The Amazon rainforest falls into the tropical climate zone. Its climate is hot and humid, with medium temperatures around 25°C and torrential rainfall during the whole year. The mayority of its soils (75%) are characterized by high levels of acidity and low fertility. Less than 10% of the biome has fertile soils and a good drainage system.

Ecosystems / Vegetation

The ecosystems of the Amazon Rainforest can be divided into aquatic ecosystems such as várzeas and igapós and terrestrial ecosystems such as terra firme. Its flora and vegetation is composed of pioneer formations, dense and open tropical rainforest, savannah, steppe - savannah and secondary vegetation.

Biodiversity / Fauna

The Amazon rainforest is considered the largest biodiversity reserve on Earth, sheltering more than half of all life species. So far, in its fauna have been registeres about 1.400 fishes, 520 amphibians, 550 reptiles, 1.000 birds and over 300 mammals.

Travel & Tours / Ecotourism

The national parks, like Amazônia, Araguaia, Cabo Orange, Jaú (World Heritage Site), Monte Roraima, Pico da Neblina, Serra da Cutia etc. are the most indicated places for your Amazon rainforest eco adventure tour.