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South American Continent

South American Continent
Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil – The continental part of the South American Plate can be subdivided into the Neoproterozoic South American Platform, the Paleozoic Patagonian Platform and the Mesozoic Andean Belt.

The South American Platform was formed in the course of the Brasiliano - Pan African orogenic cycle (850 - 500 Ma) through convergence, collision and fusion of fragments of supercontinent Rodinia / Pannotia. Together with (proto) Africa, it constituted the western part of Gondwana.

During the Paleozoic (542 - 251 Ma), Gondwana mergend with Laurasia to surpercontinent Pangea and the Patagonian Platform was added do the South American Platform.

During the Mesozoic (251 - 65 Ma) Pangaea fall apart. South America and Africa broke up and the South Atlantic opened. Subduction of the Pacific Nazca Plate beneath the South American Plate during the Cenozoic (65 - 0 Ma) gave rise to the Andes – Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil.