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Atlantic Rainforest

Animals / Fauna

Rainforest Tours / Brazil – Brazil is the leading of the megadiverse countries and houses the greatest fauna diversity on Earth. From a worldwide, approximately known 1,3 million animal species, between 100 and 140.000 are located in Brazil.

The vertebrates are especially well represented in the Brazilian fauna. So far, 541 species of mammals, 1.700 birds, 630 reptiles and 690 amphibians have been registered. With 55 known species (19 endemic), Brazil also shelters the largest number of primates.

The fauna of the Atlantic Rainforest is particularly rich. According to Conservation International, this hotspot contains about half of the Brazilian fauna. So far, 264 species of mammals (72 endemic), 934 birds (144 endemic), 311 reptiles (94 endemic) and 456 amphibians (282 endemic) have been registered there – Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil.

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