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Adventure Tours / Brazil – Brazil is universally recognised as the first among the 17 so - called megadiverse countries. About 15 to 20% of the entire biodiversity on Earth is to be found here. The flora and fauna of the known Brazilian biota is estimated between 140.000 to 190.000 species. The ecosystems of the Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica) are particularly diverse.

Brazil contains rich social/cultural diversity, as represented by more than two hundred indigenous people and a range of local communities (such as quilombolas, caiçaras, seringueiros and others) holding a priceless store of traditional knowledge related to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity (see COP8).

Also geologically, Brazil is extremely diverse. A complex sequence of mountain building events related to the collage of West Gondwana during the Neoproterozoic Brasiliano - Pan African orogenic cycle some 600 million years ago created subduction zones and volcanic eruptions followed by the formation of a series of compressional mountain ranges on Brazil's Atlantic coast. With up to 3.000 height meters above sea level, the Serra do Mar - Mantiqueira system comprises the highest mountains on the Atlantic side of the Americas – Travel & Tours / Brazil.