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Rainforest Trails

Risks and Dangers

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Brazil / Travel & Tours – Hiking / trekking & mountain biking on unmarked rainforest trails in Brazil involves several natural risks and dangers such as:

• loosing orientation / getting lost.

• poisonous reptiles, insect bites, wild bees or
  in rare cases other animals.

• limited visibility due to fog or mist, landslides,
  floodings, swelling rivers or sea currents.

• injuries: ligaments, ankles, other body parts.

• exhaustion, sunburn, dehydratation.

• others.

Please keep in mind that in most cases there is no orderly rescue service offered by the park administration. Rescue operations are normally conducted by the military police which very often is hard to contact due to the limited availability of a cellular phone networks in remote areas – Travel to Brazil / Trails.