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Tour 1:

São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Travel / Ecotourism – São PauloRio de Janeiro is a medium to advanced level hiking / trekking tour through selected conservation units of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve, along the coastline of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro state (see tour itinerary and map).

The tour is characterised by the fantastic landscape of the Serra do Mar sea mountain chain with its magnificent escarpments, countless waterfalls, peninsulas, bays and coastal islands. Its Precambrian basement was formed in the course of the Neoproterozoic Brasiliano event, around 600 million years ago, which led to the formation of the western part of supercontinent Gondwana.

It contains many granitic intrusions, such as the Cantareira - batholith, the Ilhabela - stocks or the famous granite domes of the Tijuca National Park, like Sugar Loaf or Corcovado.

The magnificent escarpments of the Serra do Mar and its associated offshore islands are covered with dense tropical rainforest of outstanding flora and fauna diversity. According to a biomap of the University of Bonn from 1999, more than 5.000 vascular plant species can be found in an area of just 10.000 sqkm.

Many traditional communities live in the area such as descendants of the Tupiniquim and Tamoio Indians who inhabited the region prior to colonization, descendants of African slaves (quilombolas) or the so - called caiçara communities on the Juatinga peninsula. In and around Paraty, many colonial buildings, churches, cassava (manioc)- and sugar cane- mills and traditional cachaça distilleries can be found.

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