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Brazil Travel & Tours

Atlantic Forest South - East Reserves

Mountain Bike Tours / Brazil – 1,7 million ha of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve between 24º 10' - 25º 40' S and 46º 50' - 48º 44' W were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. The Atlantic Forest South - East Reserves in the states of São Paulo and Paraná contain the largest continguous examples of native Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.

The 30 protected areas that make up the site are geologically and biologically exceptionally diverse with high numbers of rare and endemic species. With its mountains covered by dense tropical rainforests, down to wetlands, coastal islands with isolated mountains and dunes, the site also has exceptional scenic values.

Of particular interest for ecotourism is the Ribeira Valley, comprising the Estuarine Lagoon Complex of Iguape - Cananéia - Paranaguá, better known as Lagamar, the ecological continuum Serra de Paranapiacaba and a Speleological Province with one of the largest karst cave concentrations in the world.

The flora and fauna of this outstanding travel destination is highly diverse and Species composition and structure change according to altitude. More than 5.000 vascular plants and 450 tree species/ha can be found in some spots (see biodiversity map). Mammals include 120 species, probably the largest number in Brazil. Among the most popular endemic primates there are the spider monkey (muriqui), the newly discovered black - faced lion tamarin and among the birds the red - tailed amazon – Adventure Tours / Brazil.

The Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves include the following protected areas:

    • National Parks: Superagüi and Saint - Hilaire / Lange.

    • State Parks: Carlos Botelho, Graciosa, Intervales, Alto Ribeira (PETAR), Pau - Oco,
                            Pariquera - Abaixo, Ilha do Cardoso, Jacupiranga, Lauraceas and Pico do Marumbi.

    • Ecological Stations: Juréia - Itatins, Chauás, Ilha do Mel, Guaraguaçu, Guaraqueçaba and Xituê.

    • Environmental Protection Areas (EPA): Estuarine Lagoon Complex of Iguape - Cananéia - Peruíbe,
                                                                          Serra do Mar, Ilha Comprida and Guaraqueçaba.

    • Private Reserves of Natural Protection (RPPN): Salto Morato and Sebuí.

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