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Ecotours in Brazil


Brazil / Travel & Tours – Restinga (salt marsh) is an ecosystem of the Atlantic Rainforest biome, that belongs to the group of pioneer formations. Distinct from the mangrove and caxetal ecosystem, it is exclusively subjected to marine influence.

It comprises the flora and fauna, that occurs on the beaches, dunes, dune valleys and elevated sandy inland terraces which were sculped during and after the last ice age. The predominantly sandy, salty and nutrient - poor soils (Quartz sand + thick humus layer) are of Cenozoic origin. In a broader sense, also plant communities on coastal rocks are assigned to the restinga ecosystem.

The restinga vegetation has adapted to these sany and salty conditions by rigid and resistant leafs, stems and branches such as ample flat root system highly developed to fix in the sandy soils. There are grasses and herbaceous plants along the beaches, cactuses on the rocks, brushes between 1,5 and 2 m along the dunes and little trees up to 15 m on the marine terraces – Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil.

Our guided eco trekking & mountain bike tours include visits to the restinga ecosystem in the following conservation units:

    • National Parks: Superagüi (PR)
    • State Parks: Ilha Grande (RJ) and Ilha do Cardoso (SP)
    • Juréia - Itatins Ecological Station (SP) and Juatinga Ecological Reserve (RJ).