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Geology of Brazil

Proterozoic (2,5 Ga - 542 Ma)

Mountain Bike Tours / Brazil – Similar to Ur, the fusion of archean terrains / (microcontinents) during the Paleoproterozoic (2,5 - 1,6 Ga) led to the formation of new continents (Arctica, Atlantica and Nena).

Columbia (Rogers & Santosh 2002 / 2003) might have been the first supercontinent, which between 1,8 and 1,5 Ga amalgamated all of these continentes in one. After the Columbia break - up, towards the end of the Mesoproterozoic, its fragments converged again, forming supercontinent Rodinia. According to Dalziel (1997) a brief existence of (Pannotia), a further supercontinent at the end of the Neoproterezoic.

Break-up and formation of continents and supercontinents happens according to a similar pattern, which is described in the so-called Wilson Cycle. It is divided in a divergent stage (taphrogeny) involving rifting, drifting and ocean building and a convergent stage (orogeny) involving subduction, collision and mountain building (see also Brasiliano - Pan African Cycle) – Adventure Travel / Brazil.