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Geology of Brazil

Neoproterozoic (1000 - 542 Ma)

Geological Tours / Brazil – During the Neoproterozoic, Gondwana was formed through convergence, collision and fusion of fragments of Rodinia / Pannotia, the preceding supercontinents (see also Proterozoic).

The amalgation of West Gondwana, containing the prototypes of South America and Africa, united in one continent, prior to the opening of the South Atlantic, occured during the Brasiliano - Pan African orogenic cycle (850 - 500 Ma).

When you travel through Southeast Brazil, the Neoproterozoic becomes visible in form of spectaculous granitic intrusive rocks, which outcrop all over the Mar / Mantiqueira mountain chains. Heavily eroded volcanic roots of an ancient mountain chain, similar to the actual Andes on the pacific coast of South America. One of the most popular representative of these so - called plutons is the sugarloaf mountain (Păo de Açúcar) in Rio de Janeiro – Adventure Tours / Brazil.