Brasil Povos Indígenas Índios Tamoio Brasil Pueblos Indígenas Indios) Tamoio Brasilien Indigene Völker Indianer Tamoio

Indigenous People


Brazil / Indigenous People – Tamoio was an indigenous tribe of the Tupi - Guarani family (about 70.000 people) which at the beginning of the colonial time occupated Brazil's coastal area between Bertioga (North coast of São Paulo State) and Cabo Frio (South coast of Rio de Janeiro State).

The Tamoios frequently attacked Bandeirantes expeditions on trails in Tupiniquim territory, among others on the historical Tupiniquins Trail (actual municiple of Cubatão). In 1560 and 1567, they fought side by side with the French in order to defend the Guanabara bay in Rio de Janeiro from attacks of the Portuguese - Tupiniquim alliance.

In memory of this tribe, the highway SP - 099, between São José dos Campos and Caraguatatuba was named Tamoios – Brazil Tours / Indigenous.

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