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Climate Zones


Brazil / Travel & Tours – The tropical climate zone (also called tropics or torrid zone) lies between the subtropics and is centered around the equator. It is limited by the Tropic of Cancer (23,5° N) in the northern hemisphere and by the Tropic of Capricorn (23,5° S) in the southern hemisphere. The angle of the plane of the sun´s apparent path varies between 90 and 66,5 degrees and the angle of the sun´s rays (Solar Altitude) between 90 und 43 degrees. Day length varies between +/- 0 to +/- 1,5 h from the average 12 h at the Equinox and average temperatures are between 26 and 22 degrees Celsius.

tropics tropical climate zone

When you travel to Brazil, the humid Amazon Rainforest and part of the Atlantic Rainforest (north of São Paulo), the semi - dry Cerrado Savanna and the dry Caatinga Desert belong to this climate zone – Adventure Travel / Brazil.