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Itutinga - Pilões


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Brazil / Travel & Tours – The municiple of Bertioga comprises a large part of the northern segment of the Itutinga - Pilõs section of Serra do Mar State Park (São Paulo). It offers several historical trails, either on the continental part as on the island of Santo Amaro (Guarujá).

During colonial Brazil, Bertioga was part of the São Vicente captaincy, which was assigned to Martim Afonso de Sousa in 1535.

According to the notes of Hans Staden, the Bertioga channel, between the island of Santo Amaro and the continent, gave access to the villages of São Vicente and Santos and was constantly utilized by the canoes of the Tamoio / Tupinambá Indians during their attacks against the Portuguese colonists and allied Tupiniquim.

In order to defend themselves from these attacks, the five brothers of the Braga family, one of the first European colonists that had settled there, constructed a simple fortification on the continental side the Bertioga channel. After its destruction by the Indians, the colonists intensified their defense system by constructing the much stronger São Felipe and São Thiago (later São João) fortifications, located on both sides of the channel entry – Adventure Travel / Brazil.

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