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History of S„o Paulo


Brazil Travel / Indigenous People – TibiriçŠ was the chief of the Indian village InhapuambuÁu which was located on the hill between the TamanduateŪ and Anhangabaķ rivers (actual historical center of São Paulo).

Together with his brothers Caiubi (Jerubatuba village) and Piquerobi (UruraŪ / S„o Miguel village), he commanded during the pre-colonial and colonial time the Tupiniquim Indians in the so - called Piratininga highlands (actual Paulista Plateau). His daughter Bartira (baptized Isabel) was married with João Ramalho.

TibiriÁŠ allowed the Jesuit priests to visit his village and to convert his tribe to the Catholic religion. Together with João Ramalho, he could defeat the Carijů / Tamoio alliance which, in 1562, surrounded and attacked São Paulo. TibiriÁŠ died in December of the same year and his body is buried in the Sť Cathedral in São Paulo (see churches) – Cultural Tours / Brazil.