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Adventure Tours / Brazil – Probably nobody knows exactly, how many churches São Paulo has, but for sure it must be multiples of 450, the number of the city's quarterhoods. These religious / cultural sights are distributed all over the city, but the oldest ones are in the historical center.

Of particular importance are the See Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral da Sé) in São Paulo's geographical center, the largest gothic cathedral in South America (where the body of Tibiriçá is buried), the Capela de Anchieta at Pátio do Colégio, where 1554 a group of Jesuit priests celebrated the first mass (see foundation & history of São Paulo) such as the Basilica and Monastery of São Bento, where until nowadays, the holy mass is celebrated in Gregorian chant – Brazil Travel / São Paulo.

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Other churces divided by religion (city center and proximities), are:

Catholic: Carmo, Capela Anchieta, Catedral da Sé, Santo Antônio, Santa Ifigênia, São Francisco de Assis

Evangelic / Protestant: Batista Luz, Batista da Liberdade, Presbiteriana Independente, Confissão Luterana

Synagogues: Beth - El - Congregação Israelita Ashkenazi, Comunidade Israelita Kehilat Israel, Rabi Itzchak

Budhist: Tempel Busshinji, Tzong Kwan, Zu Lai (Cotia)

Methodist: Igreja Methodista Central

Orthodox: Cathedral Orthodoxa