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History of Brazil

Gold Rush

gold rush brazil
Brazil Travel / History – In 1693, Bandeirantes coming from São Paulo, discovered gold close to Vila Rica (actual Ouro Preto). A little later, Brazil became the largest gold exporter of that period (900 tons during the 18th century).

During the gold rush, about 430.000 people (mostly African slaves) used the so-called gold trails, which connected the ports Paraty and Mambucaba with the mountain ranges Mar and Mantiqueira with the tree main mining centers São João del Rey / Tiradentes, Ouro Preto / Vila Mariana and Sabará.

As there was not enough food available for the gold diggers, it is related that some of them moved into the forests in order to feed themselves with seeds, roots, reptiles and amphibians. The price of any aliment which reached the region became exorbitantly expensive. It was told, that a bull, for instance, cost 25 times more in Minas Gerais, than in Salvador.

The vast mayority of baroque monuments were built during the gold rush. When you travel to Minas Gerais, visit the Santuário do Bom Jesus de Congonhas World Heritage Site – Brazil Tours / Culture.

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