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Tiradentes brazil
Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil – The town Tiradentes (Tooth Thrower) is named after the soldier and dentist Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier who in 1748 was born on the “Fazenda de Pomball” farm close to So Joo del Rei. He was one of the leaders of the so called “Inconfidencia Mineira” a military group fighting for independence as a consequence of increased demands of the portuguese crown.

The conspriation was uncovered and Tiradentes together with 10 further “Inconfidentes” was sentenced to death. Shortly afterwards Queen Maria I revoked the judgement for 10 of the 11 conspirators. They should spend the rest of their lifes in Portuguese and African exile. Only for Tiradentes the death sentence remained.

He was hang and quartered on april 21th 1792. As a Memorial for similar “conspiracy attempts” against the portuguese crown his body parts were exposed in public – Brazil Travel / Mata Atlântica.

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