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Adventure Travel / Brazil – Bahia is Brazil’s soul, the people say and Salvador it’s capital. The peninsula, on which Salvador was built, was discovered by Amerigo Vespucci on November 1st 1501 and lies in front of the bay of Todos os Santos (all Saints). With a total of 38 islands it is the largest and one of the most beautiful bays in Brazil.

After São Vicente (1532) and Olinda (1537), Salvador was the third city on Brazilian ground. As the first capital of Brazil (from 1549 to 1763), Salvador de Bahia witnessed the blending of European, African and indigenous cultures. In 1558, It also became the first slave market in the New World.

Slave import, sugar- and later diamond export helped Salvador to become extraordinary rich. During the 18th century, due to its ideal location, in a secure and natural protected harbor, along the main trade routes of the New World, Salvador developed behind Lisbon to the most important city in the Portuguese empire. Only with the decline of sugar export and the start of the gold rush in Minas Gerais, Salvador in 1763 was removed by Rio de Janeiro, as the countries capital.

The historic center situated on a cliff 70m over sea level, preserves many outstanding Renaissance buildings. A special feature of the old town are the brightly colored houses, often decorated with fine stucco-work. In 1985, the historic center of Salvador de Bahia became a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Travel to Brazil / Tours.

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