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Tour 1:

São Paulo – Curitiba

Adventure Tours / Brazil – São PauloCuritiba is a medium level mountain bike tour through the conservation units of the coastal portion of the Atlantic Rainforest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site, in the states of São Paulo and Paraná (see tour map).

Thirty years after Brazil's official discovery by Pedro Álvares Cabral and his crew at Monte Pascoal, in Southern Bahia, the Portuguese seafarer Martim Afonso de Sousas was ordered by King Dom Joao III to expell the French from the Brazilian coast and to take possession of the territories which, in 1494, were granted to Portugal by the Treaty of Tordesillas.

The favorable geographic and climate conditions caused Martim Afonso to settle on the coast of the state of São Paulo instead of Salvador de Bahia. In 1532 Martim Afonso founded the village of São Vicente and afterwards the harbor of Santos. These were the first permanent Portuguese settlements in Brazil and the beginning of its colonization.

Despite continuous attacks by the French and their allied Tamoio Indians, the Portuguese achieved not only to secure their fortress in São Vicente but also to establish trails to the hinterland and along the coast. The tour follows the so-called Imperator-Trail (Trilha do Imperador) which was opened in 1545 and connected São Vicente in the North with Cananeia in the South. It is one of the region's most famous trails and crosses the following conservation units and historic cities of the lower Ribeira Valley and Lagamar - Complex:

Iguape   Juréia - Itatins   Cananéia
Guaraqueçaba   Ilha do Cardoso   Superagüi
Pariquera - Abaixo   Marumbi   Serra do Mar

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