zona climática temperada zona climática templada mittelbreiten gemäßigte klimazone

Climate Zones

Temperate Zone

Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil – In the southern hemisphere, the temperate climate zone is located between the subtropics and the polar zone. It is limited by the 45th parallel south (North Patagonia) and the Antarctic Circle, at 66,5 degrees south latitude. The angle of the plane of the sun's apparent path varies between 45 and 23,5 degrees and the angle of the sun's rays (Solar Altitude) between 68,5 and 0 degrees. Day length varies between +/- 3,5 h and +/- 12 h from the average 12 h at the Equinox and average temperatures are between 10 and minus 17 degrees Celsius. At the Antarctic Circle, on 21st of December, the day length is 24 hours (polar day) and the sun rises and sets exactly in the South – Brazil Travel / Climate.

temperate climate zone