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Climate Zones


Brazil Travel / Climate – In the southern hemisphere, the subtropical climate zone (also subtropics or temperate warm zone) lies between the tropical and the temperate zone. It is limited by the Tropic of Capricorn, at 23,5 degrees south latitude (Northern São Paulo) and by the 45th parallel south (North Patagonia). The angle of the plane of the sun´s apparent path varies between 66,5 and 45 degrees and the angle of the sun´s rays (Solar Altitude) between 90 and 22,5 degrees. Day length varies between +/- 1,5 h to +/- 3,5 h from the average 12 h at the Equinox and average temperatures are between 22 and 10 degrees Celsius.

subtropics subtropical climate zone

The subtropics are characterized by tropical summers and non - tropical winters and can be divided into dry, winter - wet and ever - wet subtropics. Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site, for instance, is located in the subtropical climate zone. See also: climate diagrams – Ecotourism in Brazil / Climate.