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Seasonal Rainforest

Seasonal Rainforest
Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil – Seasonal rainforest / (floresta estacional) comprises two distinct ecosystems (semideciduous and deciduous) of the Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica), in different altitudinal zones.

In comparison to the always-humid, nonseasonal tropical rainforest, it is characterized by a tropical summer and a dry winter. While the semideciuous seasonal forest looses between 20 and 50% of its foliage during the dry season, the deciduous forest looses over 50%.

While the deciduous seasonal rainforest occurs mostly in northeast Brazil, at the border of the Caatinga - Biome, semideciduous rainforests can be found in south and southeast Brazil, in the higher and cooler inland mountain ranges, connecting to the the coastal tropical rainforests – Rainforest Tours / Brazil.

The best way for ecotourists to experience seasonal rainforests is by hiking / trekking or mountain biking, for instance in some of the following protected areas:

    • Serra da Mantiqueira and Itatiaia National Park
    • State Parks: Carlos Botelho, Cantareira, PETAR and Campos do Jordão