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Caxetal / Caixetal

tabebuia cassinoides caixeta Caixetal
Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil – Caxetal (or caixetal) is the name given to an ecosystem of the Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica), that belongs to the group of the pioneer formations. Distinct from the restinga and mangrove ecosystem, it is subjected exclusively to fluvial influence. It occurs mainly in temporarly or permanently flooded freshwater areas (várzeas) along Brasil´s coastal plains.

The caxetais ecosystem is characterized by low biodiversity and dominance of the caxeta / caixeta (Tabebuia cassinoides), a medium sized tree that reaches up to 20 m in height. On the other hand, caxetais present a large quantity of epiphytes, such as bromeliads, orchids, lianas, mosses and liquens.

Due to its soft wood, the caxeta was formerly intensively exploited by the pencil industry. Nowadays, (under the regime of a strict management plan), only some traditional communities (caiçaras) are allowed to sustainably harvest part of the remaining caxeta populations for the purpose of handicraft or the making of musical instruments (rabecas). The caxeta is also a favourite nesting place of the Red - tailed - Amazon – Rainforest Tours / Brazil.

Our guided eco trekking & mountain bike tours include visits to the caxetal ecosystem in the following conservation units:

    • National Parks: Superagüi (PR)
    • State Parks: Pariquera - Abaixo (SP) and Ilha do Cardoso (SP)
    • Juréia - Itatins Ecological Station (SP) and Juatinga Ecological Reserve (RJ).