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Pariquera - Abaixo

Travel to Brazil / State Parks – The Pariquera Abaixo State Park is an integral protection conservation unit of the Atlantic Rainforest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site and Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve in the State of São Paulo. It is located 200 km southwest of the capital and can be accessed by an unpaved road from Pariquera - Açu (see map).

Pariqera - Abaixo, which is also called Campina Encantada is famous for its methane gas deposits produced by natural combustion of organic material that has been accumulated in its soil due the the constant and periodic flooding of the area. Liberating the gas from the soil can create up to 80 cm high flames (fogo encantado).

The conservation unit contains also a significant arqueological site, a prehistoric sambaqui with a diameter of 10 m and 5 m in height, testimony of the early Brazilian colonization. The Pariqueira - Abaixo State Park and the proximate Chauás Ecological Station are an important refuge for the endemic red-tailed amazon – Rainforest Tours / Brazil.

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Creation Date:



 S 24º 15’ /  W 47º 10’


 2.359 ha


 0 - 300 m


 Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica)

Ecosystems / Vegetation:


Altitudinal Zones: