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Conservation Units

Brazil Travel / Tours – In order to fulfill the commitments, resulting from the country’s ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity (see COP8), Brazil established a National System of Conservation Units (SNUC) which was legalized by the federal law 9.985, in July 2000.

According to a study published by Conservation International do Brasil, in July 2005, this system actually includes 912 conservation units which can be divided into 252 federal (58 million hectares) and 662 state areas (53 Mha) or, according to their correspondent IUCN - management category, in 478 integral protection (37 Mha) and 436 sustainable use areas (75 Mha).

According to a dossier about the Atlantic Rainforest published by RMA in 2001, approximately 600 (65%) of the 912 Brazilian conservation units are located within the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve. This does not include the Private Reserves of Natural Heritage, so - called RPPN's – Adventure Tours / Brazil.