Solstício Solsticio Sonnenwende Solstitium

Climate / Seasons


Rainforest Tours / Climate – Solstices are the two positions of Earth in its orbit around the Sun (seasons), where the angle between the rays of the sun and the plane of the earth's equator (declination of the Sun) reaches its maximum value of +/- 23,5°.

At any latitude, the horizon cuts the the Sun's apparent path into the most unequal parts. Therefore, everywhere on Earth, the northernmost / southernmost sunrise and sunset and longest / shortest days and nights occur.

This constellation happens two times a year; on 21st of June and on 21st of December (see image to the right). Dependent on the hemisphere, there is a summer and winter solstice from where on day lengths starts to diminish / increase up to its medium value of 12 hours at the equinox – Adventure Tours / Brazil.