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History of Brazil


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Brazil Tours / History – The first Jesuits commanded by father Manoel da Nóbrega arrived in Salvador (Bahia) in 1549, together with Tomé da Souza, the first of the 30 general governors of Brazil.

In order to convert the Carijó Indians south of Cananéia to the catholic believe, Nobrega authorized the construction of an advanced Jesuit base on the Piratininga highland, which in 1554 lead to the foundation of São Paulo (see also history).

The reconstruction of Brazil's colonial history wouldn´t be possible without the many documents left by the Jesuit priests, such as the Carta de São Vicente one of the first descriptions of the Mata Atlântica or a Tupi grammar of father José de Anchieta.

Between 1600 and 1750, the Jesuit founded more than sixty reductions in the south of Brazil, north of Argentine and in Paraguay. These missions were constantly attacked by bandeirantes coming from São Paulo. The attacks only decreased after the battle of M´bororé, where 3.000 Guaraní Indians supported by the Jesuit priests Pedro Romero and Pedro de Mola defeated the bandeira of Jerônimo de Barros, which was formed of 300 paulistas and 600 Tupi Indians.

Due to territorial disputes (seven villages), the Jesuit were expelled of Brasil in 1759 by the Marquês de Pombal. It was also the end of the hereditary captaincies – Brazil Tours / Culture.

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