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Indigenous People


Cultural Travel / Brazil – Tupiniquim was an indigenous tribe of the Tupi - Guarani family (about 85.000 people) which at the beginning of the colonial time occupated Brazil's coastal area between Cananéia and Bertioga (State of São Paulo) such as the Discovery Coast in southern Bahia.

They were responsible for the opening of the first trails between the coast and the hinterland, among others the historical Tupiniquins Trail in Cubatão which connected the fluvial port of Peaçaba with the indian village of tribal chief Tibiriçá on the Piratininga plateau (actual historical center of São Paulo). See also: Foundation of Săo Paulo.

About 1530, during the war with the Tamoio (allies of the French), they formed an alliance with the Portuguese. They contributed in the defeat and expulsion of the French from Rio de Janeiro in 1560 and 1567 – Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil.