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Fauna of Brazil

Red - Tailed Amazon

red tailed amazon amazona brasiliensis
Hiking Tours / Brazil – As part of our wildlife tours, we guide ecotourists to the sleeping and feeding places of the endemic Red - tailed Amazon (Amazona brasiliensis), also known as Chauá. This endangered parrot of the Atlantic Rainforest / (Mata Atlântica) lives in the mangrove and restinga forests, along the north coast of Paraná and south coast of São Paulo.

The Superagüi National Park, one of the 30 protected areas of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site, shelters nowadays approximately 5.000 animals of this threatened species. Superagüi is composed of multiple islands and a continental part, where the animals feed and breed during the day. One of curiosities of red - tailed Amazon is the fact that almost the entire population spends the night on a tiny island in the middle of the park.

The principal threats for the survival of the red - tailed Amazon are deforestation for boat building, banana plantations and buffalo - grazing and animal traffic. Since 1998, SPVS, a non - governmental organization in the state of Paraná, runs a conservation project in order to protect the last remaining species of red - tailed Amazon, in this region – Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil.