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Vale do Ribeira

Vale do Ribeira brazil
Mountain Bike Tours / Brazil – Ribeira Valley (Vale do Ribeira) is the name given to the drainage basin of the Ribeira de Iguape river, the only large river in Southeast Brazil that flows into the sea.

It is located in the southeast of São Paulo State, on the border with Paraná. The Ribeira Valley is limited by the escarpments of the Serra do Mar mountain chain on one side and by about 140 km coastline on the other side.

It represents the economically poorest and ecologically richest region in São Paulo and comprises the largest number of conservation units of the Atlantic Rainforest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site.

While the lower Ribeira Valley contains the occidental segment of the Southeast Rift and the northern part of the Lagamar Complex, The upper valley shares the Speleological Province with the Paranapiacaba mountain range.

In recent years, Vale do Ribeira has become a centre for ecotourism in Southeast Brazil with excellent hiking & mountain bike opportunities – Travel to Brazil / Tours.

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