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Biodiversity Hotspots

biodiversity hotspots
Brazil Travel / Mata Atlântica – The Earth’s biologically richest and most threatened places, so - called biodiversity hotspots, are areas with high endemism, harboring many species found nowhere else. Conservation International identified 34 hotspots worldwide, where 75 percent of the planet’s most threatened mammals, birds, and amphibians survive within habitat covering just 2.3 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Brazil offers two biodiversity hotspot eco travel destinations: The Mata Atlāntica and the Cerrado. With approximately 20.000 plant species (8.000 endemic) and 2.300 mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fishes (725 endemic), the Atlantic Rainforest is among the top 5 biodiversity hotspots, in terms of number of species and in terms of endemism.

Particularly impressive is the density of biodiversity in this biome. A biomap of the University of Bonn from 1999 shows more than 5.000 vascular plant species per 10.000 sqkm in the tropical rainforests of Brazil's southeast Atlantic coast. According to UNESCO, more than 450 woody plant species per hectare can be found in some spots of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves World Heritage Site – Brazil Travel / Mata Atlântica.