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Juréia - Itatins

Geological Evolution

Juréia - Itatins
Adventure Tours / Brazil – The mountainous massifs of Juréia and Itatins (means Peruíbe, Itatins, Miracatu,...) on the southwestern coast of São Paulo State, between Peruíbe and Iguape, represent two adjacent, detached geomorphological units of the Serra do Mar mountain range in the so-called Registro Domain.

This domain which is limited by the Cubatão and Itariri Shear Zones to the North / Northeast and the Serrinha Shear Zone to the South, constitutes the northeastern end of the Curitiba Terrane in the southern Ribeira Belt (Mantiqueira Province).

While the Neoproterozoic granites of the Juréia Massiv were formed about 750 million years ago during the collision of the Curitiba - and the Apiaí terrain in the course of the Brasiliano - Pan African cycle, crystallization times of more than 2 billion years indicate that the paleoproterozoic Itatins - granulites were formed during the fusion of the first (mirco-) continents on our planet (see also Atlantica) – Brazil / Travel & Tours.

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