Travel to Brazil – When to go?

In general, the climate of Brazil can be divided into a tropical zone north and a subtropical zone south of São Paulo.

The regional climate, of cause, is much more complex as the dry Caatinga desert, the semi – dry Cerrado savannah or the humid Amazon rainforest proove. All three biomes are located in the tropics. Local weather conditions should be requested at Brazilian climate institutes (e.g.

The climate of the Atlantic Rainforest is defined by two main perceivable seasons; a cool and dry winter from May to August and a hot and humid summer from November to March. For monthly rainfall and temperatures of some of our tour destinations, see climate diagrams.

However, due to the climate change which unfortunately didn´t stop in Brazil, the historical data climate diagrams are based upon, nowadays are only partly reliable. About 10 years ago, for instance, the summers between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were characterized by daily, short but strong precipitations in the late afternoon and winters were predominantly dry. Nowadays, seasons seem to be less pronounced and rainfall occurs sporadically any time of the day.

To decide when to go to Brazil can be a hard decision. If your main objective is not to get wet than, especially for outdoor activities and particularly for hikes in the upper part of the Mar / Mantiqueira mountain ranges, the winter month probably are the better choice (also because of the visibility). On the other hand, nature in terms of color intensity and voluminosity of the rivers and waterfalls is a little more expressive during the summer month.

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