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Porto Seguro – Salvador

Itinerary / Program

Brazil Travel / Mata Atlântica – Please find below a day by day itineray of mountain bike tour 4 Porto Seguro - Salvador:

Day 1: Porto Seguro

Arrival at the airport, pick up and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon, visit of the historical center of Porto Seguro. Joint dinner in the evening.

Day 2: Porto Seguro – Cumuruxatiba

Visit of Monte Pascoal National Park and transfer to the fishing village Cumuruxatiba at the southern end of the Discovery Coast (Costa do Descobrimento).

Day 3 - 7: Cumuruxatiba - Belmonte

Five days mountain bike tour through the restinga and rainforest vegetation of the Discovery Coast World Heritage Site. Visit of the historic villages of Trancoso, Arraial D´Ajuda, Santa Cruz de Cabrália and Belmonte such as the indian reservoirs of Barra Velha and Coroa Vermelha.

Day 8: Belmonte - Serra Grande

Transfer from Belmonte at the mouth of the Jequitinhonha River and northern limit of the Discovery Coast to Canavieiras at the mouth of the Pardo River and southern limit of the Cacao Coast (Costa do Cacau). Continuation to colonial Ilhéus and visit of the Una Ecopark (Ecoparque de Una).

Day 9 - 10: Serra Grande - Itacaré

Several hikes through the tropical rainforest reserves of the Itacaré - Serra Grande Environmental Protection Area. Overnight stay in colonial Itacaré at the mouth of the Contas River and northern limit of the Cacao Coast.

Day 11 - 13: Itacaré - Barra Grande

Two days mountain biking along the endless beaches and restinga vegetation of the Peninsula Maraú Environmental Protection Area on the southern Dende Coast (Costa do Dendê). Highlights: Cassange and Blue Lagoon, natural pools (piscinas naturais) of Algodões and Taipus de Fora, Taipus de Fora lighthouse and the 11 islands of the Camamu Bay (Tabuleiro Valenciano) one of the largest mangrove reserves in southern Bahia.

Day 14: Barra Grande - Cairu

Transfer to Camamu, visit of the historical center and continuation to colonial Cairu on Cairu Island.

Day 15 - 17: Cairu - Morro de São Paulo

Transfer to Velha Boipeba at the mouth of the Inferno River on Boipeba Island. Two days mountain bike tour through the Tinharé & Boipeba Environmental Protection Area to Morro de São Paulo on Tinharé Island.

Day 18: Morro de São Paulo - Salvador

Transfer to Salvador and visit of the historical center, a UNESCO - World Heritage Site.

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