Tour Conditions

Dear tour participant,

In yours and our interest we would like to fix the legal basis that determines the contractual relationship as a result of the reservation. The following agreements are valid:

1. Operator

        Brazil Adventure International (BAI)
        Rua Borges Lagoa, 690
        04038 - 001 São Paulo (SP)
        Embratur SP.
        Tel: +55 (11) 9565 1052

2. Who can participate

At the BAI tours can participate who:

a) is healthy,
b) fulfills the tour demands described under “Difficulty Level” and
c) is equipped accordingly.

Ref. a: By sending a deposit toward your trip purchase, you certify that you have not any physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or other tour participants. We strongly recommend the consultation of a doctor in advance to the tour.

Ref. b: In case that a participant recognizably does not accomplish the required prerequisites, the tour guides are authorized to exclude such participant from the tour (at the beginning and during the tour). Until the beginning of the tour you are entitled to request that another person takes part in your place, always when this person fulfills the requested prerequisites. The person who is taking part in your place will automatically obtain all the contractual rights and duties from you.

Ref. c: You will receive an equipment recommendation in advance to the tour.

3. Program alterations

According to the characteristic of an adventure tour, alterations or deviations from the program description as published under the paragraph “Program” of each tour, may always occur. Due to bad road conditions, severe weather changes, official capriciousness and unforeseen changes in the time schedules of transportation agencies, the exact route according to the program description cannot be guaranteed.

4. Our Services / Emergency cases / Medical assistance

For the scope of our services please relate to the paragraph “Our Services” of each tour. In case of an emergency we will make all efforts to ensure medical assistance as soon as possible. With exception of a first aid kit, which we provide, it is your obligation to carry your personal medicines in sufficient quantities. Additional costs due to cancellation or early termination of the tour have to be fully carried by you. To provide maximum security for the group it is absolutely mandatory to follow the directives of the tour guides.  

5. Prices, reservations and payments

Published tour prices are in Euro and will not change. To confirm your reservation, the completed reservation form should be returned to us until at least 90 days prior to tour commence. Latest 14 days after having received the written confirmation of your reservation by us, a 10% down payment has to be settled. At least 4 weeks before tour commence and without prior avisation the remaining sum has to be settled

6. Cancellation

In case of cancellation BAI is entitled to keep the subsequent cancellation fees (in % of the total tour price):

        until day 31 prior to tour commence: 10%
        day 30 until day 16 prior to tour commence: 25%
        day 15 until day 8 prior to tour commence: 50%
        day 7 until day 0 prior to tour commence: 75%

We strongly recommend cancellation insurance (refer also paragraph 9. Insurances). We do not recommend non-refundable, advance-purchase air tickets, as BAI cannot assume responsibility for any loss incurred on account on such tickets.

7. Minimum number of participants

he described tours can only be realized when the indicated minimum number of participants is reached. If the minimum number of participants is not reached we are entitled to resign from the contract until latest 4 weeks before the tour commence. Any down payments of the tour price realized until that time will be fully reimbursed.

8. Contract cancellation in case of exceptional circumstances

In case that the realization of the tour is hindered by exceptional circumstances that are out of our responsibility, such as war, strike, unrest, epidemics and so on, both parties can resign from the contract. In that case the paid tour price will be fully reimbursed to you.

9. Insurances

In order to insure a basic medical assistance during your stay in Brazil, BAI and Travel Ace International sign up upon a travel insurance covering the following expenses:

        - medical assistance in case of accident or illness (up to 6.000 R$).
        - medicine (up to 300 R$).
        - dental treatment (up to 150 R$).
        - baggage insurance (up to 500 R$).
        - reimburse of additional flight ticket expenses due to early return in emergency cases.

Services in addition to those have to be insured on behalf of the traveler by his own insurance policy.

10. Risks

BAI tours are intentionally designed to take clients “off the beaten path” sometimes to remote places in an underdeveloped country. These tours offer the opportunity for physical activity that can be demanding, depending on the condition of the participant and involve risks of serious personal injury, including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the negligence of other persons, including BAI personnel, agents of independent contractors whose services are provided in connection with the tour. Medical facilities may not be easily accessible and may not be sophisticated.

11. Limitation of Liability

BAI will not be responsible for any and all physical or mental injury, including permanent disability or death, damages or loss of property even if caused or alleged to have been caused in whole or in part by the conduct, including the negligence, of BAI or any of their employees, guides, agents or independent contractors. Tour participants agree not to sue BAI, or their employees, guides or agents, in respect of, and to forever release them from any claims arising out of physical injury, permanent disability or death or for damage to or loss of any property arising in connection with the tour. Tour participants agree that they will hold BAI and their employees, guides and agents, harmless in respect of any such claims made by (I) the tour participants family, estate or dependents, and (II) third parties which the tour participant, his/her estate, or his/her family or dependents have sued if damages are recovered from such third party to the extent the third party recovers damages from BAI, or their employees, guides or agents.

12. Travel documents and health regulations

Before traveling we will inform you with regard to the Brazilian passport-, visa, tax, foreign currency and health regulations. However, the participant is responsible for the observation of those rules on his own expenses. All disadvantages that arise from the not-compliance of those rules are of his responsibility.