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São Paulo Travel

Traffic and Transport

são paulo transport
Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil – São Paulo has a car park of approximately 6 million vehicles, the transport of goods by train is practically unexistent, circumventions are rare and most trucks have to pass through the city.

Consecuently, traffic is complicated already during normal hours and during rush - hours or when it rains you better walk. The intents of the government to limit the traffic by so-called rodízios, which means that certain licence plates, during rush hours of a certain day of the week are not allowed to circulate, didn´t help a lot.

One of the best forms of transportation in order to explore the several attractions of the metropolis, is on foot in combination with the subway (see map).

It is fast, cheap (2,5 R$ per passage) and very safe. It is worth to have a subway-card which you can easily load with cash in almost any subway station. From the airport you should take eiter a taxi or the airport - bus. Traffic conditions and subway connection probably should also be a criteria for the selection of the appropriate hotel – Rainforest Tours / Brazil.

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