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Brazil Tours / Trekking – Shopping in one of the 240.000 specialized stores and more than 70 shopping centers of São Paulo is one of the paulistanos preferred activities.

Brazil always was and continues to be an import country with sometimes elevated duties. Therefore, many products are more expensive or at least not significantly cheaper than in Europe or the US (also because of the valorization of the local currency).

More interesting for shopping are locally produced goods, such as natural cosmetic with essences from the Amazon (ex. Natura or Boticario), necklaces and wristlets made of dried seeds from the Mata Atlântica, hand-made paintings (naive art) with brazilian motives and carvings from brazilwood or caixeta.

Don´t forget a fine sugar cane spirit (cachaça), preferably produced in one of the smaller local distilleries (alambiques) – Rainforest Tours / Brazil.

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