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City Map

são paulo city map
Rainforest Tours / Brazil – The subsequent city map shows the main accesses to São Paulo. The federal highway BR 116 (Régis Bittencourt to the south and Dutra to the north) leads to Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and the international airport Cumbica / Guarulhos. Shortly before the aiport, Fernão Dias (BR 381), named after one of the famous bandeirantes, branches off to Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais). Ayrton Senna (070) which merges in Taubaté with Dutra, might be a faster alternative in direction to Rio de Janeiro.

Raposo Tavares (270), Castelo Branco (280), Anhangüera (330) and Bandeirantes (348), all branching off from Marginal (1), the city's multilane circumvention, lead to the interior of the state. Marginal continues south via Avendida Bandeirantes (2) to the local airport (Congonhas) and to Imigrantes (160) and Anchieta (150). Both lead to the porto of Santos such as São Paulo's north and south coast. All mayor highways are toll roads.

Depending on the traffic, it might be better not to take the Marginal, but to cross the city via Rebouças (5) / Pacaembu (6), Rubem Berta (8) / 23 de Maio (7) / Tiradentes (10), or Avenida do Estado (3). In São Paulo itself it is recommended to use the subway instead of the car (see also transport) – Adventure Travel / Brazil.

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