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Adventure Travel / Brazil – About 15.000 bars in all variations are part of São Paulo's gastronomic attractions.

Happy hour after work with some friends, draft beer (chopp / chope), fried pastry (pasteis), music and a lot of small talk is a mandatory for any real paulistano. In comparison to a German beer, the chope is much lighter, ice-cold and pretty creamy.

It normally is ordered together with a variety of fried apetizers, among others the famous pasteis, a kind of fried pastry filled with cheese, meat or palm hearts.

Of particular interest are the traditional bars, such as Bar do Léo close to the historical center, the carioca bar Pirajá in Pinheiros, Original and Bar do Juarez in Moema or Astor in Vila Madalena.

From the skye bar roof terrace of the futuristic Unique (hotel, restaurant and bar), close to the Ibirapuera park, there is a spectacular view on Avendida Paulista – Brazil / Travel & Tours.

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