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São Joaquim National Park

Brazil / Travel & Tours – The São Joaquim National Park is an integral protection conservation unit of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve in the state of Santa Catarina. Tours start from Urubici which is located 170 km southwest of Florianópolis. São Joaquim is one of the coldest regions in Brazil, where temperatures in winter can fall below minus 15° C.

Similar to Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral, further south, São Joaquim protects 49.000 ha of mixed tropical rainforest (floresta ombrófila mista or araucaria) and altitude fields (campos de altitude) which occur above the canyons and highlands of the Serra Geral Formation in this part of the Paraná Basin.

The main ecotourism attractions of the park (and surroundings) are: the mountains / hills Morro da Igreja (1.822 m), (Pedra Furada) and Campestre, the waterfalls Avencal, Véu da Noiva, Dos Bugres, Sete Quedas and Vacarianos, the canyons Espraiado and Laranjeiras, the mountain ranges Corvo Branco and Rio do Rastro and the prehistoric rock paintings (inscrições rupestres). Many hiking / trekking & mountain bike trails – Brazil Travel / Ecotourism.

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