Plataforma Sul-Americana Plataforma Sudamericana Südamerikanische Plattform

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South American Platform

South American Platform
Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil – The South American Platform has a size of about 15.000.000 square kilometers and forms the core or nucleus of South America. It was formed during the Brasiliano - Pan African orogenic cycle and occupied towards the end of the Neoproterozoic a large part of West Gondwana.

40% of the platform is exposed in three Precambrian (> 542 Ma) shields: Guiana (GS), Central Brazil or Guaporé (CBS) and Atlantic (AS) shields.

60% of the platform is covered by several Phanerozoic (< 542 Ma) sedimentary basins (syneclises), being the largest the Paleozoic basins of the Paraná (PR), Parnaíba (PN) and Amazon (AM) rivers.

Brazil (dotted line) occupies 75% of the South American Platform, which is often referred to as the Brazilian Platform – Mountain Bike Tours / Brazil.