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Travel & Tours / Geotourism – Pangea (450 - 250 Ma) is the youngest supercontinent, which formed during the Paleozoic from Laurasia (Cratons of Europe / Asia, Greenland and North America) and Gondwana.

Pangea broke up during the Mesozoic and with it Gondwana. The Atlantic Ocean opened and the South American / Patagonian platform moved westwards, where it collides with the Nazca plate in the Pacific, forming the Andean mountain chain.

Of particular importance for Brazil are the mid - Devonian (380 Ma) oceanic floodings of the inter-cratonic sedimentary basins (syneclises) of the South American Platform.

When you travel to Brazil's Mid - West, you will find evidence of these floodings in form of several layers of the Paraná Basin (for instance the Ponta Grossa - Formation at Chapada dos Guimarães National Park) – Brazil Tours / Trekking.