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Araçuaí Orogen

Araçuaí Orogen Belt
Ecotravel & Tours / Brazil – The Araçuaí Orogen (15°S - 21°S) corresponds to the northern segment of the Mantiqueira Province. It was formed towards the end of the Neoproterozoic Brasiliano - Pan African orogenic cycle (prior to the opening of the South Atlantic) as part of the evolution of West Gondwana.

This ancient mountain chain resulted from convergence of the São Francisco / Congo Craton and the closing of an inland sea basin that connected in the north with two alaucogens (Paramirim and Sangha) and in the south with a large Ocean (Adamastor).

Similar to its southern neighbour, the Ribeira Orogen, nowadays only the Precambrian basement (partly covered by sediments) and a variety of granitic intrusions (plutons) have remained – Travel & Tours / Brazil.

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