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Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil – Camamu is located 365 km to the south of Salvador, at the so-called Costa do Dendê. It is one of Brazil's oldest towns and was originally a Tupiniquim Indian village. After the Jesuits having erected the chapel Nossa Senhora da Assunção de Macamamu in 1560, Camamu was founded in 1565 by Lucas Giraldes, the second donee of the captaincy of Ilhéus.

Camamu became the second most important city of Bahia and the countries main exporter for manioc flour. The city has beautiful architectural buildings such as the churches Nossa Senhora da Assunção, from the 18th century, Nossa Senhora do Desterro (1670) and São Benedito (1839), in the upper part of the town (cidade alta).

Following the Luso-Brazilian tradition, Camamu is built on two levels separated by a steep slope of approximately 40 m. The higher part of the city is characterized by narrow and tortuous streets as being seen in Lisbon, Porto, Salvador and Maraú and the lower part contains the port, the city hall and the prison.

The Camamu Bay is is located in the heart of southern Bahias cacao region and after the bay of Todos os Santos in Salvador and Guanabara in Rio de Janeiro the third largest and one of the most beautiful Brazilian bays – Eco Adventure Tours / Brazil.

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